Aruba 2015

Living through the worst winter Boston has ever seen has been tough.  For months now we have been experiencing brutally cold temperatures and never ending snowfalls.  It seems as though spring may never come!

Come spring break, it was time to get away from the cold and find some warm weather. My parents decided on the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Aruba for a weak of fun in the sun!

We left early Sunday morning for a six day five night stay.  The flight was about four hours but the time flew by. Upon our arrival we were greeted with an unfamiliar moist tropical breeze.

After going through customs and getting our luggage, we drove to the hotel. The hotel is pretty close to the airport (maybe a 15-20 minute drive) so we were able to get there quickly.

We checked in and headed up to the room.  This is a panorama of the hotel from our balcony.