Cacao Crazy Chocolate Tour

If you are a chocolate lover like me then you know biting into a piece of chocolate is like tasting a little bit of heaven. But have you ever wondered how this blissful treat is created? Look no further than a Brooklyn based brand called Raaka. They are a fairly new company that pledges to produce pure and unprocessed chocolate. 

I first found out about this tour a while ago from a friend. For my birthday, she scheduled one for both my sister and me. 

When the day finally came, I excitedly traveled to Brooklyn along with my sister. When I first walked into the factory I was met with a rich chocolatey scent.  Since it was a Saturday, the factory was quiet and (besides a couple of workers) empty. 


Brunch in Brookline

You know those people who go for brunch every weekend? (They wake up late, lazily dress and travel to restaurants and cafes for delicious delicacies.)  Well, my roommate and I always talked about becoming these "people who brunch."  Around mid February I decided to fulfill the dream and made plans with her to go to Tatte Bakery and Café for brunch. 

We traveled on a dreary weekend morning to the Brookline location and found a quaint café style shop.  Since it was cold and rainy so the outdoor seating was not set out.  However, if you brunch on a nice day, Tatte would be the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy your meal.


Aruba 2015

Living through the worst winter Boston has ever seen has been tough.  For months now we have been experiencing brutally cold temperatures and never ending snowfalls.  It seems as though spring may never come!

Come spring break, it was time to get away from the cold and find some warm weather. My parents decided on the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Aruba for a weak of fun in the sun!

We left early Sunday morning for a six day five night stay.  The flight was about four hours but the time flew by. Upon our arrival we were greeted with an unfamiliar moist tropical breeze.

After going through customs and getting our luggage, we drove to the hotel. The hotel is pretty close to the airport (maybe a 15-20 minute drive) so we were able to get there quickly.

We checked in and headed up to the room.  This is a panorama of the hotel from our balcony.



First, congratulations to the NewEngland Patriots for winning Super Bowl XLIX!! It was such a great game that came down to the last seconds!

This past Wednesday, my sister and I decided to head down to City Hall in Boston to celebrate the win with the New England Patriots in their victory parade. This was the first time I was able to go to a parade like this so I was really excited!

We decided to head to the end of the parade for the full experience.  Unfortunately, due to the cold temperatures, the pep rally at the end was cancelled. 

We arrived before the parade started to get a close spot.  Luckily there weren't too many people at first, but that would soon change!


A Food Filled Day

What's better than chocolate? How about FREE chocolate?!

This weekend the Harvard Square Business Association hosted the 5th annual Chocolate Festival.  I went on Saturday to Deguglielmo Plaza for the hour long chocolate sampling event. There, local vendors brought small chocolate themed treats for enthusiasts to taste.

We arrived a couples minutes before the festival opened and there was already a long line despite the rainy weather!  As soon as I saw the deserts I understood why.

The contributing vendors included Kennedy's on the Square, J.P Licks, Salt and Olive, Wagamama, Alden and Harlow, The Sinclair and Sweet.

While you don't have to eat everything, I would recommend doing so.  Everything I ate was delicious!

The first treat I tried was hot chocolate.  It was the perfect way to start since it was so cold! I also tried chocolate fudge, ice-cream, a brownie and much more!

This is a picture of one of my favorites, a chocolate pecan pie with caramel sauce.